Our story is a simple one.

One holiday season, two friends decided to make gifts… what a great way to show our love through our hand made goods, right?

Candles seemed like a good idea. The craft involves many of our interests: artistic creativity (check), science (yes, we love beakers!), cooking (yes, we also love food), and FUN!  We researched the craft, decided what kind of candles we were going to make, created a studio space in the kitchen, and experimented with the recipe. Our efforts produced a final product that was indeed gift worthy.

Fast forward a short distance in the future, and the people who received our gifts wanted to know how to get more. Their friends wanted some, and their boutique and hair salon owning friends wanted some and so on. A cottage industry in the making… could this be kismet?

Kismet Candles have made their way into people’s homes by way of art festivals, eclectic boutiques, gift shows, spas and salons.

As we grow, the idea of making gifts for others remains the core of who we are. The ingredients are simple: creativity, science, cooking, fun and dash of Kismet!